Discworld I Infamous Easter Egg
    Discworld 1    
    How to trigger the infamous "I want to be the first person in a game to say f%#k" line    

Background information:

I was bored (for 5 minutes) near the end of developing Discworld II.

Eric Idle had recorded a parody of the famous line by John Cleese "I want to be the first person at a British Memorial service to say F%#k!".

I had to put it somewhere in the game it would never be found, as that would be "bad"...
I made it virtually impossible to find by accident...
There is no visual or other feedback to indicate where the triggers were placed...

So what happened.. what always happens... fate steps in...

The way I was told, a customer's copy of Discworld I had crashed while they were playing it and it started playing every single piece of sound and speech in the game... one after the other... until it played "I want to be the first person in a game to say f%#k" line.

That was reported back to the publisher... who were not happy.... which was reported back to my boss... who was officially not happy (but amused too).

How to trigger the Easter egg:

Near the end of the game, there is a scene where the entire cast turn out to watch Rincewind battle the dragon.


Amongst the crowd are a young pickpocket (street starfish/urchin) you met at the start of the game and an Amazon maiden.
(The Amazon is wearing a metal bikini top if that helps your object recognition skills!)

In sequence (like a combination lock), you must click on the following objects:

- The pickpocket's left eye
- The Amazon maiden's left nipple
- The pickpocket's right eye
- The Amazon maiden's right nipple

Rincewind should then start his infamous soliloquy!


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