Infamous Discworld II Easter Egg

Discworld II


How to trigger the previously unknown "I want to be the first person in a sequel to say f%#k!" line!


Background information:

After the mishap of the hidden sample in Discworld I I was instructed that I might add a similar Easter Egg to Discworld II, but the sound sample had to be bleeped over any offensive words.

For the second game, Eric Idle recorded a discussion with the low-resolution version of Rincewind where he states:
"I want to be the first person in a game to say F%#K!"
"What do you mean I've already said it?"
"Ok. I want to be the first person in a sequel to say F%#K!"

Game information you may already know, but definitely need to know:

During the game, every few times you pass through the magic stone circle, you are transported to the bedroom of Rincewind from Discworld I where he proceeds to chat with his lo-rez self.

There are 4 different conversions in that room. They are played in order each time you visit that room...




How to trigger the Easter egg:

During the game you will collect both a Suffrajester (fighting for female Jester's rights) and a Chuckie doll (who does not really care about anyone but himself).

You need to place both items in the inventory then:

- Select the Chuckie doll... (Ooooh chuckie chuckie chuckie!)
- Use the Chuckie doll on the Suffrajester in the inventory 10 times in succession
- On the 10th time the voice response from Rincewind will change
- That means you have opened the 5th conversation

Travel trough the magic stone circle until you play all 4 conversations...
On the next visit to Rincewind's old bedroom Rincewind II will have some serious words with himself!

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