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    TrueBlueAussie's helpful hints:
How do I run Discworld I on Windows XP or Vista?
    1. Install Direct X 9.0c on XP if you do not have it    
    Direct X 9.0c is required for DosBox and is generally a good thing to have on your PC
It is also required to Run "Rincewind's Sound Wizzard for DW1"
(which lets you play and extract any sounds and speech from the first game!)

2. Download and install DosBox


Dosbox is a great program that emulates the old Dos environments and allows lots of old DOS programs to run.
You can click this link to download it for Win32


3. Configure and run it from DosBox

In the example below "E:" is your local CDROM.
  - Change this as needed (e.g. mount d E: -t cdrom might change to mount d G: -t cdrom)

Step 8 is needed, as the installer does not seem to copy the files like it should under DosBox.

1. Create a folder on your C: drive called DosBox
2. Run DosBox and type the following commands:
3. Enter: mount c C:\DosBox
4. Enter: mount d E: -t cdrom
5. Enter: D:
6. Enter: DWU –i
7. Enter: DWU –g
8. Enter: copy d:\drivers\*.*
9. Enter: Setsound.exe
  - Select and Configure MIDI music driver
    o “Select Creative Labs Sound Blaster or 100% compatible” and press Enter
    o “Attempt to configure sound driver automatically” and press Enter
    o Press OK
  - Select and configure digital audio driver
    o “Gravis Ultrasound” and press Enter
    o Press OK
- Select Done
10 . Enter DWB.

4. Let us know what works and any changes


I can be emailed via dave at hitechmagic dot com


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