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Rincewind's Magical Sound Wizzard!



Exclusively for owners of the
PC version of Discworld 1:
"Rincewind's Sound Wizzard for DW 1"

(The Sound Wizzard requires .Net 2.0 and Direct X 9 or above... works instantly on Vista).

Because I was the lead Tinsel developer of DW1 & programming director of DW2 and own the original databases used to generate 95% of the game's data, I was able to produce the Rincewind's Sound Wizzard for DW1. It uses additional data that cannot be found by reverse engineering the game so this is a truly unique product you will only ever obtain direct from trueblueaussie.
Feature listed below:
View the game text and play the associated speech
(including the infamous hidden Easter Egg line shown highlighted above).
Play the unused non-Eric Idle Rincewind action phrases.  
Play all the game sound effects  
Export any selected sample as a Wav file  
Free updates for 12 months (we have more features planned)  
Very easy to use. Just requires Discworld 1 CD to be inserted  
*Note: The Sound Wizzard does not intentionally infringe any trademarks:
(We did ask for permission to use his trademarked game name in the product name,
however as we know Terry now has more important concerns to deal with.
We wish him the very best
of luck. Our thoughts are with you).
Because of the adult nature of the Easter Egg sound sample, please let me know if you are under 18 years of age. That sample will be bleeped over in your version to avoid offence to under-age purchasers.
The Sound Wizzard is complete now and working. It now only needs a bit of final polish. I will send you a limited test version, after auction end, to ensure it works on your own PC. It has been tested on Windows XP (with .Net 2 and Direct X 9/10) and on Vista (out of the box).
25% of profits will be donated to Terry Pratchett's favorite charity: The Orang Utan foundation. The remaining proceeds from the sale of Rincewind's Sound Wizzard for DW1 will be used to purchase additional third-party software needed to produce more sophisticated future tools we have planned for the Discworld games. We love these games and want them to live forever!
The Sound Wizzard will be delivered electronically. You will first receive a limited trial version to ensure compatibility with your PC.
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Copyright (c) 2008 D.Johnston. All Rights reserved. No part of this text may be duplicated without prior permission.